Thursday, October 03, 2013

Always great watching you observing them.

Thank you for taking me to hike that mountain again, for the first time, not behind that man. I see your back, not him.

Thank you for helping me in seeing facts that I am that stupid, not as smart as he told me. I see your honesty, not even a pride.

Thank you for challenging me to go to a whole new place alone, the real solo trip. I attended that event and going home all alone, without him by my side.

Thank you for asking me to a random place, and being the best guide I've ever seen. I understand why you always get a good mark now, just by listening to your explanation.

So, please receive my apology for my bad work within these hardest time for me.
And thank you for reminding me that, it should be always great to be listened, if I need it just to feel better.

After a long time, I feel that I am being listened, deeply, not listening to others. Within these hardest time, I have sacrificed a lot of time for others, so thank you for spending a little time for me.
My version of mind healer.

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