Dear Biologists...

Monday, March 03, 2014

Dear Biologists,
I have ever wondered if I could take the same field as you skilled for.
I ever fell in love with man who is wearing safari suit as you wear, standing in the middle of rain forest and watching wildlife.
I have ever admired your works, paper, experiments, field notes, and all you work for.

Taxonomy, identification, classification, and all stuffs - you name it. You are pretty awesome, as I have put my utmost respect on Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace.
But one thing I think I have to tell you, that we couldn't compare one science field to another, because when it shared all common things, why is it separated to two branches of science? Or the way you say every critic, opinion, or personal feeling... I just don't feel you respect me as I put respect on you.

Perhaps I am nobody, I have no expertise at all. I have faced several clashes, misunderstanding, or wrong perception between us. But I think respect each other is important, even though Biology is not the part of Social Science.

patience has its own limit.
But I do believe, there are abundant number of good Biologists out there.
I just have to find them.

Kindly regards.

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