#20FactsAboutMe (Homo sapiens)

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Foreigners in Keraton Solo

So the Homo sapiens basically...

1. is not endangered at all. Overpopulated.

2. concerns about their existence that much. Referred to Terror Management Theory, we are afraid of our death and it can affect our behavior such as consuming more healthy product right after coming to a grave.

3. is not the only species that can cry.

4. is more egoistic after being salience by money - even though it only comes in desktop or laptop background.

5. praises oneself to survive (selfie is included).

6. is affected much by their own same species' groups in deciding something. Referred to Risky-shift phenomenon, they are tend to be more agree in doing risky behavior after discuss with their group. Group suicide is a sample phenomena.

7. loves the nature, according to biophilic explanation by psychologist Erich Fromm.

8. has a high curiosity. Specifically, there are some gifted and special individu that has high Need of Cognition, such as researcher or scientist. They tend to be less having Need of Affiliation, no wonder if they are unmarried or not so involved in high sexual status.

9. basically is an adventurer. History shows how human change their own civilization by exploring new lands.

10. is kind.

11. can do exploitation if having less empathy, including corruption.

12. very adaptive to change.

13. attracts to other Homo sapiens that has more similar body scent to oneself.

14. also attracts to other Homo sapiens that share more similarity in ethnicity.

15. is really like to do comparisons.

16. has different needs in every stage of life. For example, in 20-40 Homo sapiens experiencing high Need of Intimacy.

17. that is living in urban setting will share more similar characteristics with other Homo sapiens.

18. is still the only species that can create another intelligence system with their intelligence - or, Artificial Intelligence.

19. is possessing power to destroy same or different species in a huge amount.

20. is not so different from any other animal.

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