Friday, September 08, 2017

So somebody told me that it is impossible for an undergraduate to publish an article in top journal, being the first author. Today, I randomly found this paper, which is brilliantly written by an undergraduate student, co-authored with a Ph.D student, and their professor is the second author. The undergraduate is the first author, releasing a stigma about the level of education has a significant role on your academic success. In this case, I do agree that the credit goes to the professor, who is humble enough to give the space for his young colleague.

And yes, recently I observed how people with high degrees become more and more distant from "human". Years ago, I thought The Big Bang Theory series was brilliant. Until an episode when Penny said that she was upset due to the gang's attitudes toward her just because she is not as smart as them. I realized that this series is just a box of stereotype: where scientists have to have a look as nerd as a "scientist". A scientist has to have a dark humor sense, cynical, cold, has no sense in fashion, and dislike others when the others don't get their joke.

Then I turned it off, and then I chose to read books more than spending time on a series.
I remember on how I adore Poirot from Agatha Christie because he could eliminate stereotype of a detective: he is humorous, fat, short, having good taste in choosing words and clothes. Not a fancy one, rather, a neat one. Years later somehow, that is why I adore Hajime Kindaichi compared to Conan Edogawa.

Education should make equality happens across any boundaries, with no stereotype and prejudice for people in accessing a better life welfare.

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